Meels for Teachers

Build your school online! Teach the world!

This summer I am teaching an EdTech course for teachers. It is free and should be easy and fun. Participants learn over 30 free tools. There are five sections. In each section educators learn how to make something for their students, school or class.

Each section has a theme, and the lessons show teachers how to build materials for their teaching situation. Here are the five sections. 

Module 1) Build A Class with SAAS

Learn how to make a simple online class homepage with the following software.

Module 2 ) Digital Downloads

In this module, teachers learn how to create materials as audio, video, visuals and interactive text documents (HTML and PDF)

  • Lesson   8 - Fab Four - Facebook, Filmora and Flipgrid
  • Lesson   9 - Google Draw - Make visuals that educate and engage.
  • Lesson 10 - HTML + Hot Potatoes - Learn HTML and make some fun.
  • Lesson 11- Internet Movies- Create videos for students
  • Lesson 12 - Jing - Turn screen shots into lesson materials.
  • Lesson 13 - Kami - Create and share PDF Lessons.

Module 3) Flip the Script

In this module, teachers learn how to create lessons that students can access via email or a smartphone or social media.

  • Lesson 14 - Kahoot - Create fun interactive quizzes.
  • Lesson 15 - Learnclick - Create fun more interactive quizzes.
  • Lesson 16 - Mailchimp - Create newsletters, lessons and courses.
  • Lesson 17 - Nearpod - Create engaging slide presentations.
  • Lesson 18 - One Drive - Host and share lessons.
  • Lesson 19 - Prezzi - Create engaging slide presentations.
  • Lesson 20 - Quizlet / Quizziz - Create fun interactive quizzes.

Module 4) Produce Potent Printables

In this section, teachers learn how to make engaging and interactive printed materials.

  • Lesson 21 - Open Office - Create visually appealing worksheets.
  • Lesson 22 - Pixabay and Pinterest - Share work and find inspiration.
  • Lesson 23 - QRstuff - Sync paper lessons with media online.
  • Lesson 24 - Reader - Make answer keys with ease.
  • Lesson 25 - Soundcloud - Add audio to printed works.

Module 5) Make a MOOC

In this section, teachers learn how to make engaging and interactive printed materials.

  • Lesson 26 - Screencast-O-Matic - Make screencasts for video lessons.
  • Lesson 27 - Teachable - Make a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course).
  • Lesson 28 - Upwork - Build and hire a team to make your materials.
  • Lesson 29 - Vyond - Create animated videos.
  • Lesson 30 - Wordpress / Wix / Weebly - Create a snazzy website.
  • Lesson 31 - Xoyondo - Create chat rooms, surveys and schedules.
  • Lesson 32 - Youtube and Video - Build a video platform.
  • Lesson 33 - Zoom and Zapier - Hold live classes, automate tasks

Thanks and I hope to see you in the course.


To join the class you just need to sign up here.

The course is very easy. On lesson days, you will receive an email explaining a software tool and learn how teachers can use it to make lessons or teach students. You do not need to do anything. If you have time, you can create some lessons for yourself. If you are busy, just save the email for future reference.