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Blogger - Create A Class Website (Lesson 2 0f 30)

Hello everyone!

Today we look at Blogger, which is one of my favorite tools, as you may have heard from my audio post. With Blogger you can make a class website in minutes. You will be able see for yourself. I made our course website on Blogger today. The video lessons today were a fun experiment because they show how I made the website from where the lessons are linked. 

Making a website for students is so powerful. It makes it easy to supplement lessons, help students stay on track and also create fun activities that make boring textbooks pale in comparison. More importantly, a class site on Blogger is accessible by smartphone, so students do not need a computer to access the lessons.

With this in mind, you can see the lesson today via our class website, so just go here to access today’s lesson about Blogger or yesterdays lesson about Audacity. The full address is below.


I hope you enjoy the lessons and find Blogger as useful as I do. There are five videos to watch today. You do not need to watch them all at once. The topics of each and running times are listed below.

  1. What is Blogger? How can teacher create with it? (4 min)
  2. How do you create a site? (7 min)
  3. How to you create sections and pages? ('7 min)
  4. How do you add links and edit pages? ( 6 min)
  5. How do you access it by smartphone? (4 min)

For your homework, just watch the videos via the website and starting thinking of ideas for your class website. If you have not created an audio file for yesterday’s homework, I would  still love to have it.

Also thanks to those who filled out the form. I will reply soon to those that left messages.

On a final note, I should add that there are six key, core lessons, and we have already had two of them, Audacity and Blogger. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed, please remember that the lessons get much lighter soon.

Here are the six key lessons that take a lot of time.



Forms (Google)




Most other lessons are very light. I just say this because not all lessons will be intense like these first two. Also, you will have an eight-day buffer coming up Monday to get caught up if you cannot follow the lessons right now.

Also, there are basically two ways you can do the lessons. 1) You can just watch the promo video, the first video of each lesson and then save the email to view the lessons later, or skip them entirely and wait for other lessons that interest you. Or 2) you can dive in and try to do the lessons to the fullest. The main thing is that you have fun in the course and learn when you can. 

Speaking of fun, tomorrow we do Canva, perhaps one of the coolest tools we will use. It is super fun and easy to use. 

See you tomorrow,


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Notes, Tips and Tricks!

SAAS stands for Software as a Service, which means software that you access online at a remote server. Blogger, Drive and Forms are all SAAS because you do not download them.

Audacitiy is a tradictional software in that you need to download it.

Evernote is a hybrid, like Dropbox in that you can sync it to your computer but to operate effectively, you need an online account.

For the course, you need to have a Gmail Account but once you have a Gmail account you get to access all the other Google Products for free from that account. In other words, once you have an account you can create content on Forms, Drive, and Blogger without having to create a new account!

Did you know?

On Blogger, you can create multiple blogs under one account, which is perfect for teachers with different classes of varying levels or subject matter.

Box and Dropbox are two other great free file hosting and sharing services that rival Drive. Also, for people not interested in using the Google eco-system of products, they can use Joomla, Wordpress, Wix, or Weebly just as effectively. They are all free too!


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