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Canva for Teachers (Lesson 3 of 30)

We are already at day three, half-way through our first module. Today's lesson is a lot of fun. We look at Canva, which is an image editor that packs a lot of power. Remember the old days of Photoshop, when just doing simple things seemed complicated. Well, those days are over as long as you have an Internet connection. With Canva, teachers and students can create amazing images in seconds. And the best part is that Canvas actually provides lots of the images and icons for free! For example, the image above was selected and edited for this email in 1 minute!

I teach a presentation class that shows students lots of various SAAS tools to help them make presentations. Canva always gets the highest reviews from students because they instantly can start using it in their everyday lives. It's cool, it's easy to use, and best yet, it is free ... well, sort of.

Today's tool is the first SAAS that is freemium. Those are two terms maybe we have not covered before. SAAS stands for software as a service, and it basically refers to software you login to online, rather than download. Usually, digital tools are either software, which you download, or SAAS, which you register for as a subscription or member. Audacity is software. Blogger is SAAS. Canva is SAAS. Both Audacity and Blogger are 100% free. You can donate to Audacity but you cannot buy it. You cannot pay for Blogger either. Canva is freemium, which many of the upcoming tools will be. This means some of it is free, but not all. In the lesson today I discuss this a bit. For today's lesson you need to sign up for a Canvas account if you want to use it, but you can use your Google account for one-click subscription and login. 

Anyway, here is today's lesson. Your homework is to make a simple image in Canva. I am sure you will have fun. This is one of the more enjoyable and addictive tools we will use.

Lastly, thank you to the many people who submitted homework. I will address this tomorrow when we cover Drive, at which time I will suggest an easy way for us to share assignments. If you are big user of Drive, you can guess what I will do. Until then, have fun!


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Notes, Tips and Tricks!

SAAS stands for Software as a Service, which means software that you access online at a remote server. Blogger, Drive and Forms are all SAAS because you do not download them.

Audacitiy is a tradictional software in that you need to download it.

Evernote is a hybrid, like Dropbox in that you can sync it to your computer but to operate effectively, you need an online account.

For the course, you need to have a Gmail Account but once you have a Gmail account you get to access all the other Google Products for free from that account. In other words, once you have an account you can create content on Forms, Drive, and Blogger without having to create a new account!

Did you know?

On Blogger, you can create multiple blogs under one account, which is perfect for teachers with different classes of varying levels or subject matter.

Box and Dropbox are two other great free file hosting and sharing services that rival Drive. Also, for people not interested in using the Google eco-system of products, they can use Joomla, Wordpress, Wix, or Weebly just as effectively. They are all free too!


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