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Hello, my name is Todd Beuckens and I am an ESL teacher based in Japan. I have taught English overseas for over twenty years and began creating self-access e-learning websites in 2003. Currently I am finishing my master's degree from San Diego State University (online of course) in Learning, Design and Technology. I teach full-time and operate several e-learning sites, so I am very active and interested in blending technology and learning in the classroom environment.

The primary aim of this site is to share my experience and enthusiasm for using technology in the classroom and to examine new and creative ways to use Ed Tech.

As teachers well know, educators love acronyms and this site has a few. The following acronyms MEELS, PUSH, and COOK pretty much sums the aims of the site and what the site is all about.


Meels stands for Media, Education, E-Learning, and Syndication. The name is fitting because as teachers, we try to give lessons much like 'meals' that give students nourishment and help them grow. All of the video tutorials on the site fall into one of the four main categories: media, education, e-learning, and syndication.


All the lessons on the site are part of the PUSH Project, a project I started in 2015 as both professional development and personal intrigue. PUSH stands for Produce, Use, Share, Host. In short, it is about helping teachers produce their lessons, use them online, share them with others and host them to retain ownership and control of their content.

The name also refers to helping teachers become active by going to students rather than waiting passively for learners to come to them.


Sticking with the food analogy of the website, COOK stands for Creator Of Online Knowledge and refers to teachers cooking up content and serving it online to hungry students! By becoming a COOK with Meels, teachers can increase their skill set and learn new ways to spice up their lessons.

If you have any comments, questions or requests please feel free to contact me here. I love talking tech, blended learning, and flipped lessons, so I would love to see what Meels you got cooking in your lessons.

Thanks for visiting the

Todd Beuckens
Site Creator / ESL Teacher

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