Box for Teachers

Box is a cloud content management and file sharing service that lets teachers store and share content with students.

Why is Box useful?

With Box, teachers can host lesson materials such as audio files, PDFs, videos, text files and images, and orgainze them by folders. Teachers can then share the content as files or folders via a shared link.

Box is a really powerful tool when used with other social media sites. For example, teachers can use Box to share links to content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Blogger. Also, teachers can share content via email or links on a website or LMS.

One super cool way to use Box!

Let's say a teacher creates a worksheet for students. Normally, the students can only read content on paper. With Box however, a teacher can store audio or vidoe online. Then, the teachers can get a sharable link for the content and create a QR code. By putting the QR code on the printed paper, students can access the video or audio on Box using their smartphone without needing any navigation.

Sites like Box are also the great equalizer when it comes to content distribution. Before, storing and distribuiting content was something only large publishers could do. Now, any teacher can upload content onto Box and make it readily available with the tap of a button on a smart-phone ... for free!

How to get started!

  1. Set up an account at Box
  2. Create folders for your content
  3. Upload content to the folders
  4. Create shared links to the content

Note: You do not need to create folders, but just like on a computer, it is hightly recommended so it is easy to find content as needed.

You can create an account at Box here.