Buffer for Teachers

Buffer is a great tool that lets teachers send out social media posts in a sequence. This free tool is perfect for teachers who are not always active on social media sites. Teachers can brainstorm or prepare a series of tweets and then have Buffer send them out on a schedule of their choosing.

You can use Buffer to send out posts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, Instangram and Pinterest.

With the free account you can only link your account to one social media site.

How to use Buffer!

To use it, teachers just need to do the following steps.

  1. Create and account with Buffer
  2. Link a social media account to Buffer.
  3. Make a list of scheduled posting.
  4. Put those postings in a queue on Bufffer
  5. Buffer takes care of the rest.

Ideas on how to use Buffer

Here are some ways a teacher might want to use buffer with their students.

  • Create a list of quotes for inspiration.
  • Post messages using key vocabulary.
  • Review key material for a course.
  • Send out questions for students to ponder.
  • Reveal bits of information about yourself or your school, such as 'Did you know that ....?"
  • Set reminders for students or parents related to school.

This tool is great for both active and non-active users of social media. Non-active users can schedule posts in bulk so they do not have to get online much. Active users can post ahead of time in case they are going to be offline for awhiile.

You can create a Buffer account here.