Mailchimp for Teachers

What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is an American company founded in 2001 as an email marketing service. As of 2018, they are the world’s largest marketing automation platform around. Their website boasts millions of customers with a service akin to a “second brain” that helps business of all sizes, “find their audience, engage their customers, and build their brand”. Anyone with a desktop or device can sign up for free and start sending a whopping twelve thousand emails per month to two thousand subscribers. Level up packages start at $10 a month and can exceed $200 per month for “high volume senders”. Mailchimp has connections with other prominent e-commerce websites to help users streamline their businesses. The website also offers free resources and guides to help users get the most out of their email marketing campaigns.

How can teachers use it?

The most basic use of Mailchimp is to send mass emails, which are often called campaigns. Teachers can use this service to send out interesting links, lessons, and even homework assignments. To start, the first thing to do after signing up for Mailchimp would be to create an email list. If you don’t know the email address of those who you want to send your message, you could also create a sign up form in seconds that you could then post on a website or forum with a simple link which asks people to subscribe to your mailing list. Immediately connecting them to your email list. After you have some people to mail, you choose who exactly you want to target. It could be the whole group, or select users. For example, all of your students, or a select class. Then you verify who you are as the sender and clarifying what the mail is about. After to who’s are taken care of, you can choose the template for your campaign. There are a variety of templates to choose depending on the focus of your message. Next you customize your email, adding, pictures, links, text, headings and attachments. Mailchimp has MS Word style editing for the message body which is very user friendly. When everything looks good you can hit send and hit thousands of people all in one go. Afterwards you can check out the analytics of each mail you sent and check how many recipients opened the mail and which links they clicked on. This is a great tool for not only business people but teachers as well.