Twitter is the ultimate public relations tool! With this great social media platform, teachers can inform fellow teachers and students around the world of their lessons with one easy tweet!

You can access it here!

The strongest feature of Twitter is that it is massive and makes it very easy for teachers to connect with other teachers and students who may be interested in their lessons. It also makes it very easy for other to interact with content creators!

PUSH Project 4 - Potent Printables

The video above is part of the A to Z of Free, P.U.S.H Project which shows teachers how to make practical materials for in-class and online use. In this module we will create a worsheet using the tools below to sync printed matierals with online media via a QR reader, thus allowing students to easily - and frictionlessly - access content on the smartphones. The complete lesson series is listed below.


Potent Printables

A to Z of Free | Project 4

This tutorial is part of the Potent Printable module, where teachers can learn how to make engaging printable worksheets in minutes that sync to media online via a smartphone! See the lesson list below.

  • Lesson 1: OpenOffice
    Create engaging worksheets.
  • Lesson 2: OneDrive
    Host and share lesson materials online.
  • Lesson 3: Pinterest
    Promote and share your printable lessons.
  • Lesson 4: QR Stuff
    Sync paper media and smartphones!
  • Lesson 5: RevisionQuizMaker
    Add interactivity to your lessons.
  • Lesson 6: SoundCloud
    Add audio to any lesson!
  • Lesson 7: TeachersPayTeachers
    Share and showcase lessons
  • Lesson 8: Twitter
    Use locally, but share globally!

Educators love acronyms so as a site made by a teacher for teachers, naturally the site would use a few. Here are three acronyms that help define and indentify the objectives of this site.


All the lessons on the site are part of the P.U.S.H Project which helps teachers push their lessons online. P.U.S.H. stands for Produce, Use, Share, Host. The PUSH projects helps teachers produce their lessons, use them online, share them with others and host them to retain ownership and control of their content.

The name also refers to helping teachers become active in lessons by going to students rather than waiting passively for learners to come to them.

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Hello, my name is Todd Beuckens and I am an ESL teacher based in Japan. I have taught English overseas for over twenty years and began publishing e-learning website in 2003.