A - Audacity and Audioboom

Make it easy for your students to review your lessons by making your boardwork and notes available in audio. Creating audio files just takes a few minutes and you can upload the content to AudioBoom for easy access via smartphone or computer.

Step 1: Record your Boardwork

There are many ways to record your boardwork or make quick audio notes from the lesson. You can use Audacity to record onto your computer or you can use an audio recorder on a tablet or smartphone.

Once you have a recording you can edit it and export the audio as MP3 which is the most universal, and least heavy audio format.

Step 2: Upload the Audio

Once you have an audio file, you can upload it to AudioBoom (or SoundCloud) for free. To make the audio more enticing and easy to find, you can add artwork, meta tags, and a title and description. You can can share it via a link, post it on social media, or embed it onto a web page. You can even make the settings so students can download the audio.

Quick Review

Here is another video showing you how you can add your boardwork to the audio to make it easy for students to review lesson material.





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This free software makes it easy to record, edit and format audio in order to make it easily accessible via various platforms. Teachers can record audio directly to their computer using Audacity, or import audio from a recording device like a smartphone, tablet or audio recorder and then edit it for presentation purposes. Teachers can create a wide array of materials in audio format, from podcasts and lectures series, to short examples of model language or sample conversations.




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Audioboom also makes it easy for students to create their own content pages and for teachers to access audio from other creators or teachers. Users can even record their audio directly into AudioBoom via their phone or computer, eliminating the need for audio recording software, although for editing purposes this is often not the most practical option. In short, Audioboom is a fantastic free resources teachers should surely utilize.