Meels for Teachers

Meels stands for Media, Education, E-Learning and Syndication. This site shows teachers how to use various digital tools to enhance their lessons and make content more engaging for students. This site centers on four areas, as described below, with one main focus, the PUSH project.


Today there are numerous ways to present content and make it multi-modal, meaning you can create materials using various mediums be it audio, video, text, or imagery. We explore all the various ways teachers can do this.


Like a cook in the kitchen, you need different tools to create different dishes (which is one reason we love the name meels). With this in mind, we showcase the pedagogy behind the tools and why some tools are better than other for specific situations.


This sites focuses on e-learning, which entails students learning via a computer, tablet or smartphone, as well as ways teachers can create digitial content for classroom use. Therefore, we look at various ways to use different devices and how to optimize content for each tool or setting.


With the explosion of social media, teachers can now distribute their lessons with ease to just about anywhere in the world. We look at various tools that teachers can use as publishing platforms, such as Facebook, Blogger, Tumblr, Twitter, and more!

The PUSH Project

We have one more accronym (and you know how teachers love accronyms). The main focus of meels is the PUSH Project, which shows teachers how to produce, use, share and host their lessons online. The aim of all the tutorials is to enlighten teachers to various ways they use free online tools for great affect! We look at various tools and showcase simple ways teachers can use them in their daily lessons.

I hope you like the site and thanks for stopping by! Below are some of the latest meels we have served up!

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