Bitballoon for Teachers

Bitballoon is a free resourse that lets people create a website in seconds by simply dragging a site folder onto their servers. The site describes itself as "the fastest, simplest HTML5 hosting platform on the planet" and it hard to argue it's not true! Unlike most hosting services that require FTP and paid account, Bitballoon lets content creates go live, for free, in a jiffy.

How can teachers use Bitballoon?

Bitballoon takes care of a huge problem for some teachers, primarily, how to host lesson files. With Bitballoon, teachers can create a basic html page and then host the content on their servers. This is very useful if teachers are creating HTML lesson files with tools like Hot Potatoes.

There are restrictions to using the site. First, you need to create an index.html file for content to render. Also, the content is removed after 24 hours (usually but not always) if the person does not have an account. As I teacher I like this actually, because the students know it will only be live for 24 hours so they are less likely to procrastinate viewing it.

Setting up an account is free. The names assigned to the content links are very random and strange, but there is an edit option.

Overall, it is a great free resourse and fun to use if you know how to use HTML.

If you do not know how to use HTML, watch these short videos showing you how to create and HTML page in minutes using Atom, Brackets, or Hot Potatoes.

You can access Bitballoon here.