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Hot Potatoes - Create Games, Quizzes And Puzzles (Lesson 10 Of 30)

Today we look at Hot Potatoes. This tool has been around a long time and back in the old days of ED TECH was one of the first shining stars that teachers loved.

It has not changed much over the years, but as the saying goes, if  it ain't broke don't fix it. 

With Hot Potatoes, which was made by the awesome educators and developers at the University of Victoria in Canada, teachers can download software that enables them to make interactive HTML pages. There are five types of activities teachers can make: There is a also a feature to link all the activities together.

How it works

The software creates two files: an authoring file and an export file.  The teacher can create, edit and export files in the authoring file. The export files  render on any browser. Teachers can post them online or share them via email or a downloadable link. Students just need to open them in a browser for them to work, so students do not need to be onIine to use them.

Check the tutorials on how to use Hot Potatoes.

You can download the software for free here! 

One catch though is that the software is for Windows machines. You can use Linux in some cases. Mac users are out of luck. Sorry Apple fans. 

We will actually look at a very similar product in LearnClick next module that all OS users deploy. 

By the way, you may have noticed that we are going through the alphabet letter by letter. Originally, this course was called A to Z of  Free, and I still use the same outline for the course. The major change is that now the course has modules that focus on building things, rather than just the order of the alphabet. But in case you are wondering, we will actually go letter-by-letter each lesson unit the end. With that in mind, the next lesson will be about I and J, as we look at Instaudio, iTunes and Issuu as well as Jing and Joomla.

Until then, have a great weekend!

Your homework (for PC users) is to make an activity in Hot Potatoes. Have fun! Apple peeps can take a day off.

Oh, and one more thing. There will be a bonus lesson in the bye week about how to make a website from scratch with HMTL. That is coming soon.

Thanks as always, and take care everyone!


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Notes, Tips and Tricks!

SAAS stands for Software as a Service, which means software that you access online at a remote server. Blogger, Drive and Forms are all SAAS because you do not download them.

Audacitiy is a tradictional software in that you need to download it.

Evernote is a hybrid, like Dropbox in that you can sync it to your computer but to operate effectively, you need an online account.

For the course, you need to have a Gmail Account but once you have a Gmail account you get to access all the other Google Products for free from that account. In other words, once you have an account you can create content on Forms, Drive, and Blogger without having to create a new account!

Did you know?

On Blogger, you can create multiple blogs under one account, which is perfect for teachers with different classes of varying levels or subject matter.

Box and Dropbox are two other great free file hosting and sharing services that rival Drive. Also, for people not interested in using the Google eco-system of products, they can use Joomla, Wordpress, Wix, or Weebly just as effectively. They are all free too!


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