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Don't be fooled by the name, because Blogger is much more than just a blogging app. You could even argue that Blogger is the world's most powerful and intuitive learner management system (LMS) because it can do so many things that makes it very useful for teachers and students alike (although as we will see later Facebook has its own claim to that title). What is most attractive about Blogger is that it is free, takes just minutes to set up (and delete) and it is very flexible in that it gives the content creator many options for displaying materials and interacting with viewers.

The best thing about Blogger though is that teachers can create class pages in minutes, from which students can access class materials with ease via a smart-phone or computer. Student can then bookmark their class page to their smart-phone or computer for frictionless access. There is no need to log-in or remember a password. Teachers can set up a unique class page or blog for each of their courses so teachers can tailor content and presentations to suit their students' needs.

Blogger also makes it easy to host videos, audio and links to other content. For example, teachers can post links to worksheets, class itineraries or the course syllabus Blogger also makes it easy for stakeholders like parents to have access to class news or materials that might otherwise be password protected in a school content management system.

Students tend to use phones more than computers, which makes Blogger highly functional because it comes with ready made, responsive templates that makes viewing easy on a smart-phone. Content is also automatically tagged by date, so all content is archived, organized, and searchable. Also, by hosting class content on Blogger, instructors can share their content with learners and teachers outside their classroom and with interested viewers around the world.

Lastly, this free resource by Google is a great tool for students as well, as they can use it to create portfolio pages or virtual notebooks to keep track of their notes, organize their thoughts, and post their work. In an ever increasing digital world, Blogger helps students master technology skills for the work place and an accessible level.