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Evernote is a great tool that allows teachers to do many tasks via a smart phone or a computer.

With Evenote teachers can do the following:

  • Record notes from class.
  • Take pictures of lessons, such as snapshots of boardwork.
  • Record audio for the lessons.
  • Recored and store videos from class.
  • Make memos or notes regarding materials.

Evernote also makes it easy for teachers to create, access and modiify lesson plans. Imagine the ease of having all our lesson plans readily available on your phone.

Recommended Homework:

  1. Download Evernote to your smartphone.
  2. Create a folder in Evernote called Lessons
  3. Make a Note called Lesson 1
  4. After a lesson, take a photo of your boardwork or materials.
  5. Make a memo about the lesson
  6. Record an audio comment about the lesson
  7. Attach a PDF or Word Doc from the lesson

Evernote Vs Google Drive, Docs and Dropbox

Most of the tasks listed above could be done on Dropbox or Drive or even in a Google Doc as we saw in Day 4's lesson. However, those tools are more for holding or accessing content, not organizing content. Evernote has cool features like notifications and it makes it easy to add different types of content in a sequential manner. While it perhaps is not necessary for production, once you get the hang of it, it does speed things up and helps users keep projects on track. Also, it helps users develop work flow and processes that aid in productivity.